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BYE BYE DUMMY - Elvis Blue


Last week, my 3 year old decided she was done with sucking a dummy. It was a really big deal as she truly loves the comfort and solace she finds when sucking her beloved dummy. She told me that she wanted to throw it in the see. “There’s a baby dolphin that needs a dummy, Dad!” she said, wisdom I then learned she had gleaned from an “older” friend of hers. Baby dolphins also need dummy’s? Well I am just a dad, what do I know?

So, off we went, and with her dummy in her hands we stood on the peer at Victoria Bay and she chucked it. Just like that! Ok yes, I know it is probably not the most environmentally responsible thing to do, but it was a great moment for her in her life.

That night as we put her to bed I could see that she was very distraught, realizing what she had done and that she would have to go to sleep dummy-less. She would have to do something she has never done in her life and for her it was a big deal. For the first time in her 3 year old life I could see her facing the terrible challenge of doubting a decision she had already made, fearing she would not be able to overcome the unknown, wondering if she was up to the task. But as she slowly fell asleep I also realized what a big thing she had done. She had left something behind. Something she knew she had to do even though it was difficult.

There are many things I need to leave behind in my life, but I often don’t have the courage to just go to the proverbial peer and chuck it.

Bad habits, self-doubt, fear of failure, temper tantrums, self-pity, jealousy, thinking I am the bees knees…. things like that.

I am reminded that if my three year old could throw her dummy in the see, I could possibly overcome some stuff? Just a random thought….

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